My first encounters with the occult

❤ my granny passed away on the day after Halloween she was my best friend my whole life and waited to see me to die, i told her i was coming back later that night but my parents wouldn’t let me…
I ended up spending the night with a boy I had a crush on. I dont know if I will ever be that close to someone ever again…
I got a psychic message telling me to log off dial up when she died (Immediately) I hung up…. and I said “How many times did you try to call” and my mom said “This is the first time baby” … I said “Grandma died” she said “We just propped her up in the corner to have her wake and celebrate her life. I then was told to go comfort my brother who wasn’t as strong as I was and that I wasn’t allowed to cry. My dad died on 8/8/2002; Same thing I was on the other line not dial up, I said… hold on I think my dad died and I just knew. There was no call display for the number and I wasn’t normally even at my dads place. It was the hospital and the weirdest and rudest most awkward guy told me he was dead.
I’ve always been really scientific but death is something different to me now…. I’ve been around so much of it. I’ve got messages to escape it within seconds and there is no way to understand unless you’ve been touched by the bizarre… over and over again. I lost my two favorite people

Chocolate Puma, double pounce

Chocolate Puma Scrubbed the Ground 🙌🏾 damn can’t sleep… 

Completely diff vibe tonight lots of puma fans at this show, the chatter in the crowd was relentless. Everyone was dishing on their fav tracks. It was as hot as an abandoned apartment rave in the 90s. 

Worlds worst pic but I loved the snap vector overlay. So illustrator, ha!

I’ll add more pics later to the post that suck less. 

I can’t get over how wildly different the vibe is at raves & shows compared to Amsterdam. Everyone kinda just stands around over there ha!  

I got sexually assaulted by a perv at the shows intro and a random lawyer girl from the bathroom rescued me from him when he followed me into the girls bathroom to try and push me into blowing him. Ugh.

I can’t say in my entire month in Amsterdam I ever ran into anyone even close to that level of aggressive that I’ve run into in the states or even at home in Canada. Over here its completely different. Not that this doesnt happen overseas as well. It certainly facinating to observe the different vibes in Amsterdam at raves and the whole environment in the bars & boiler roomesque clubs and parties. A lot of Street clothes. Then when I’m watching Chocolate Puma a lot of times they look like they’re partying harder than the crowd in Europe and mad respect… I can tell the vibe keeps them completely on point mixing and I love it.

I had a really engaging conversation with a friend earlier about the ability to control the level of consciousness and ego control of an individual and of entire groups of people through music, DJing & simply having talent. 

It’s really interesting to watch people listen to music that they’re not really enjoying because they level down. I call it leveling up / leveling down in regards to consciousness, because it’s very much like in a video game where you attain a higher level of skills, proficiency and ability when you level up. Then when you level down, like in some Japanese games,  you lose it. The more conscious you are the more of a rich experience you’re going to have, & the more detail you’re going to take in the more aware of your environment you’re going to be while experiencing everything with higher clarity. There is much less ego talk less self-consciousness so-and-so on when “leveled up”

What’s fantastic is there was barely anyone who knew who Chocolate Puma was or what they played at the first show in Tallahassee yesterday and it was absolutely incredible to watch the shift in consciousness enmass. Even without knowing the music, or the songs or the things that generally help people get into a set, still the vibe was completely elevated. 

I saw multiple people who said they didn’t like house music getting down as fuck!

I know for a fact that there were way way less people on drugs at the first show in Tallahassee compared to the show tonight where pretty much everyone beside myself, but party on, was lazer beam saucer eyed. Yet the “more” soberish people in Tallahassee were dancing and partying just as hard if not even harder, not fueled by MDMA but simply because Chocolate Puma took them there.

This is why I am so naturally inclined to enjoy Chocolate Puma as Musicians and artists. They have the ability to control consciousness and emotions, namingly mine which in turn can help assist in making me into a better person simply by choosing to open myself up to experiencing their art. 

Any time this happens I think it’s a beautiful experience and some people can do it live and it can’t be captured as they can’t reproduce the vibe and flow in sets or tracks otherwise as they play the show for that crowd at that time. 

This is why it’s worth traveling across the country last minute to experience this type of artistic expression of such a high caliber. I’m not sure I’d call myself a fan girl but I have endless respect for those who have perfected a craft to the point puma has. I feel the same kind of respect for Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Aristotle and other masters of thier domain. And I am completely captivated and consumed when I am experiencing being witness to the education that I receive from their teachings. Education and personal development that helps me even be in a position mentally where I can experience music in the moment fully and totally. 

I love watching and expecting partygoers having their mind completely blown but I also enjoyed seeing all those chocolate puma fans getting exactly what they were dying to see. Although, I think the attic could invest in about 10 more air-conditioning units, it’s just artist cruelty at that point when he gets that hot in a room. The show at the side bar was definitely more comfortable, and holy hell are the drinks strong. 

On the flip side of total control, there are absolutely brilliant artists like Die Antwoord, who cannot pull it together live and it’s just not the same experience at all and it’s due to the nature of the tracks that they produce is just not possible to wrap as fast as Yolandi does and not be out of breath. The songs are written and produced in a way that makes them almost impossible to reproduce live effectively. They need them dolla billz.

The last time I remember being influenced deeply pre-puma at show was Claude von stroke, I literally felt like I was at a rave back in the day and everybody was having the best night of thier life. It was the same situation in Phx with Von Stroke & Puma in Tallahasse where there were not a lot of people who had listened to Detroit Techno, let alone fans of classic Techo… but they felt the stage presence the music and the sound so hard that thet were “Under the influence” of the vibe.  At that moment it was like time slowed down and everyone was completely captivated by the experience, it was incredible. 

Not that Claude doesn’t have some absolutely wicked tracks that I would drop in a minute, but his mixes live are simply awe inspiring. 

I could probably go on about these topics at incredible length but instead I’ll pray for sleep before checkout. Ughfff… 

Btw, puma! 🙀😻👍🏻🐑🐑🐑🐱🐱🐱🐯

I got Puma’ed

When I saw Chocolate Puma was coming to the USA, I immediately looked for flights. I was going to be going on a cross country adventure.

At EDC in the parking lot when everyone was grumpy and angry and hot and the music was gone and the sun was up I was dropping PUMA tracks and everyones mood changed completely and started dancing both in line and in the parking lot. DJ parking lot Cali arrived.

I invented the wolf dance in tribute to Chocolate Puma.


It’s been an ongoing thing between my love and I, who normally hates house music and what house music has become and he too was doing the wolf dance in tribute to “The Puma”. When you can get an ELECTRO devotee to start dancing to House, Progressive house, Electro House, whatever you want to call PUMAs sound you know you’ve got something.

First class was cheaper than coach on such short notice, I called my best friend and she booked the seats on my credit card while I was driving in the car. I wasn’t going to miss out on a Chocolate Puma show. After all Chocolate Puma have completely changed everything for me and opened up an entire new world of electronic music… “wolf dance”

Chocolate Puma

I lost luggage, DJ headphones, clothes, cash and broke a handful of things as well between booking my flight and making it to Florida. I ended up land locked, carless, and then driving a minivan instead of my convertible reservation. I got the minivan last minute and started driving up to Tallahassee. It seemed like there was endless beautiful nothing the entire drive.

The Side Bar

I got to The Side Bar at 9, and no one was there. The DJ who was playing ran a small train of trainwrecks but had decent track selection, I can see him going places if he keeps at it. Props for the dedication. No one in the venue knew who Chocolate Puma was, except this really nice college kid who name dropped Scrub the Ground but kept referring to “them” as “him”. I respected his knowledge of house for a 19 year old. The Side Bar and Tallahassee are certainly the place to live it up on a dime.
Chocolate Puma DJ
Bring $100 and it’ll take you places that you won’t get for $3000 back in Vegas, LA, or even phoenix. The club owner and staff are all fantastic, and the locals certainly love to party. Arms were up the
entire time for PUMA and everyone was getting down.

I was in the bathroom when Chocolate Puma got on stage. I ran out to the front of the stage. The entire place was leveled. The bass is deep and the vibe that Chocolate Puma provides is so intense that they literally control the entire place with their finger tips. I offered the bouncer some cash and sat on stage behind Chocolate Puma and it was incredible.

I can’t believe I had the opportunity to watch such an incredible set and Chocolate Puma are clearly a gift to the electronic music community. There is a reason that  they’ve been doing what they do for over 20 years and they are clearly the best and enjoy what they are doing.

I had two or three drinks and some swigs of Champagne and wasn’t smart enough to remember I was on a empty stomach. I was utterly shit wasted to the point my zipper was down. I fell on my face on the way out of the venue. I don’t remember getting to the hotel. I vaguely remember falling asleep and pulling off my clothes to dump on the floor. I woke up without my phone or wallet and was thankful to find them down at the giant ass van that somehow found its way into the parking lot. My knee is still oozing blood. Minor shame attacks about getting so messed up. Need to be careful with alcohol. This isn’t a good feeling.

After pulling a U-turn and heading back to a dump on the side of the road I’ve found myself in a roadside diner full of locals. The waitress sang and danced around me with a rainstick. I have the best deep fried plate of seafood in existence . Crabcakes. Scallops.

Sexy K-pop Krock DJ boy

I’m talking to my luvvy on facetime on my laptop and he keeps grabbing his dick in front of all these old people eating their fried oysters.

Disneyland tomorrow.

Now I’m going to see PUMA again. I gotta get back on the road I’m like three hours from Orlando.

Things California learned in 2015…

People can and DO change…

Good things are worth the wait and I’m more patient than I thought.

Human Barbie Doll Sexy Blonde

Losing a best friend and a pet is very hard 🙁

Numerology and Astrology (Advanced Profiles) can be scary real (I’m life path 11)

Having a stalker sucks…. especially when you were the one lying about not being with your fiance so he could take her on dates you were paying for while he asked you to pretend you were broken up and throw “fits” so he could get his shit back #NotWorthIt

Car rentals can get expensive but sports cars are realllll fun

I still love weed :420:

I don’t have enough energy to chat with people online even if I like them … more than once in a while. Delicious-Thai-Coconut-HeALTH-benefits

Thai Coconuts are one of my favorite foods ever and super healthy

Friendships can come back from the dead. Even BFF ones

You can have sex for over two hours a day, EVERYDAY… and still have your Daddy whining he doesn’t get laid enough. (I guess I learned this in 2014/15)

The Canadian dollar is the worst thing ever

If my kitchen isn’t clean I just end up eating out every meal

Anxiety can be beaten and destroyed

The government sucks…

You can miss someone more than you thought possible…

Puppies are cute but have way too much energy and it can be super annoying.

People are hypocrites

Real Life Human Barbie Doll

I can look exactly like a barbie doll

Replacing a motor in a car takes forever

Meditating isn’t impossible, it just takes lots of practice

People you love, will steal from you, and they might even love you too… they just suck

I CAN produce music, and I’m pretty damn good

I’m also a pretty good fucking rapper…

Clip in hair extensions? Never again

Keep better track of your CC’s; when you lose them they can take forever to get delivered again

It takes about two years to build good credit from nothing after you immigrate

Fluoride water makes you tired, stay vigilant and don’t drink it

Amazon FBA sucks now, it’s impossible to make $$$ like before

Getting TOO skinny is possible… .having boobs is nice.

I have IR Lens Syndrome and it explains a ton about my life in general and why I used to get migraines, tear up and words would move all around the page

Having a Pool is a TON of work

Human Barbie California

If you post a picture every time you drink people will think you are a drunk

Take advantage of cloud services …. having a computer bogged down with data sucks

Spirituality is everything

People who don’t know you and have never met you can and will hate you!

Animals aren’t food, they are friends

Being a vegetarian is hard… I’m still trying on that one

I can do book layouts! Really well!

Sexy Goth Blonde Girl

California the Human Barbie plays Electro: Delicious BASS!

Look MA! A page just for my MUSIC production of Electro, Techno, Happy Hardcore ( I am going to learn to make it damn it ) all in one place.  All the delicious beats are in one spot and there are much more to come. Get ready to party. Come on Barbie… lets go… party… ah ah ah yeah…. come on Barbie… lets go….

You get the point.

Real Sexy Barbie Girl Ukrainian

Now enjoy this photograph of California (me) because why not.

Also a human Barbie Doll, Also Ukrainian. It figures? Or should we say barbie doll figure. (you know I am nearly 6ft tall right?)