Things California learned in 2015…

People can and DO change…

Good things are worth the wait and I’m more patient than I thought.

Human Barbie Doll Sexy Blonde

Losing a best friend and a pet is very hard 🙁

Numerology and Astrology (Advanced Profiles) can be scary real (I’m life path 11)

Having a stalker sucks…. especially when you were the one lying about not being with your fiance so he could take her on dates you were paying for while he asked you to pretend you were broken up and throw “fits” so he could get his shit back #NotWorthIt

Car rentals can get expensive but sports cars are realllll fun

I still love weed :420:

I don’t have enough energy to chat with people online even if I like them … more than once in a while. Delicious-Thai-Coconut-HeALTH-benefits

Thai Coconuts are one of my favorite foods ever and super healthy

Friendships can come back from the dead. Even BFF ones

You can have sex for over two hours a day, EVERYDAY… and still have your Daddy whining he doesn’t get laid enough. (I guess I learned this in 2014/15)

The Canadian dollar is the worst thing ever

If my kitchen isn’t clean I just end up eating out every meal

Anxiety can be beaten and destroyed

The government sucks…

You can miss someone more than you thought possible…

Puppies are cute but have way too much energy and it can be super annoying.

People are hypocrites

Real Life Human Barbie Doll

I can look exactly like a barbie doll

Replacing a motor in a car takes forever

Meditating isn’t impossible, it just takes lots of practice

People you love, will steal from you, and they might even love you too… they just suck

I CAN produce music, and I’m pretty damn good

I’m also a pretty good fucking rapper…

Clip in hair extensions? Never again

Keep better track of your CC’s; when you lose them they can take forever to get delivered again

It takes about two years to build good credit from nothing after you immigrate

Fluoride water makes you tired, stay vigilant and don’t drink it

Amazon FBA sucks now, it’s impossible to make $$$ like before

Getting TOO skinny is possible… .having boobs is nice.

I have IR Lens Syndrome and it explains a ton about my life in general and why I used to get migraines, tear up and words would move all around the page

Having a Pool is a TON of work

Human Barbie California

If you post a picture every time you drink people will think you are a drunk

Take advantage of cloud services …. having a computer bogged down with data sucks

Spirituality is everything

People who don’t know you and have never met you can and will hate you!

Animals aren’t food, they are friends

Being a vegetarian is hard… I’m still trying on that one

I can do book layouts! Really well!

Sexy Goth Blonde Girl

California the Human Barbie plays Electro: Delicious BASS!

Look MA! A page just for my MUSIC production of Electro, Techno, Happy Hardcore ( I am going to learn to make it damn it ) all in one place.  All the delicious beats are in one spot and there are much more to come. Get ready to party. Come on Barbie… lets go… party… ah ah ah yeah…. come on Barbie… lets go….

You get the point.

Real Sexy Barbie Girl Ukrainian

Now enjoy this photograph of California (me) because why not.

Also a human Barbie Doll, Also Ukrainian. It figures? Or should we say barbie doll figure. (you know I am nearly 6ft tall right?)

Unable to get Jailbreak Resources, Please check your network.

Dear Pangu, you might work for some people but you just wasted several hours of my life and I hate you. I would like to thank the Japanese, and I would like to recommend that you skip Pangu if it’s not working for you. Pangu No Werk 4 u!?

5 hours of my life to trying to get this Pangu JailBreak to work on my Iphone 6 Plus. LAME!
5 hours of my life to trying to get this Pangu JailBreak to work on my Iphone 6 Plus. LAME!

I tried everything that everyone else tried. Including some awful spammy proxy installed onto my machine. Nothing worked.

… more here on pangu jailbreak troubleshooting… 3. Please switch your device to the airplane mode (setting–>Tap the  Airplane Mode to on)

4. Turn off Passcode (Settings — > General — > Passcode Lock — > turn off)

5. Disable security locks (Settings — > General — > Auto-Lock — > Never)

6. Disable “Find my iPhone” feature (Settings–>iCloud–>Tap the button to turn it off)



Oh looked it worked, and Cydia is now installed., Hooray!

 Here is how to jailbreak when you are having those errors. Enjoy!

Enneagram Female 5w6, INTP – Male bestie INTJ 5w4



My best friend Gary Indiana and I (Cali Mist 5w6) and he (5w4 INTJ)

Stuck together through our weirdness and intellectualism circa /2001 photo Those hair extensions were over $300 (thanks mom best bday ever) and they made my head bleed but I lusted over them for so many years I was in LOVE!!!!!

Not a single person had them in the great white north of Saskatchewan.


The Five with a Four-Wing: “The Iconoclast”
The traits of the Five and those of the Four reinforce each other in many ways. Both Five and Four are withdrawn types: they turn to the inner world of their imagination to defend their egos and to reinforce their sense of self. They both feel that something essential in themselves must be found before they can live their lives completely. Fives lack the confidence to act, and Fours lack a strong, stable sense of identity. Thus, Fives with a Four-wing have difficulty connecting with others and staying grounded. People of this subtype are more emotional and introverted than Fives with a Six-wing, althrough paradoxically, they tend to be more sociable than the other subtype. As a result of their Four component, they are also more interested in the personal and intrapsychic. The two types also have some significant differences in their approach. Fives are cerebral, holding experience at arm’s length, while Fours internalize everything to intensify their feelings. Despite these differences–or because of them–these two personality types make one of the richest subtypes, combining possibilities for outstanding artistic as well as intellectual achievement.

Albert_Einstein_HeadNotewothy examples of this subtype include Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenburg, Friedrich Nietzsche, Georgia O’Keeffe, John Cage, John Lennon, k. d. lang, Laurie Anderson, James Joyce, Emily Dickinson, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Buster Keaton, Gary Larson, Stephen King, Tim Burton, Clive Barker, Franz Kafka, Umberto Eco, -Paul Sartre, Oriana Fallaci, Glenn Gould, Peter Serkin, Hannah Arendt, Kurt Cobain, and Vincent van Gogh.

In healthy people of this subtype, we find the union of intuition and knowledge, sensitivity and insight, aesthetic appreciation and intellectual endowments. Fives with a Four-wing are likely to be involved in the arts as writers, directors, designers, musicians, composers, choreographers, and so forth. The subtype has been somewhat overlooked in many descriptions of Fives because they do not fit the stereotype of the academic/scientific Five (the Five with a Six-wing). This subtype is more synthetic in its thinking, pulling things together and seeking out new ways of looking at things, Also, Fives with a Four-wing tend to utilize their imaginations more than the analytic, systematic parts of the mind which are more the domain of the other subtype. If they are involved in science, Fives with a Four-wing are drawn to those areas in which there is less emphasis on experimentation and data collection than on intuition and comprehensive vision. This subtype is particularly aware of–and on the lookout for–the beauty in a mathematical formula, for example. For this subtype, beauty is one of the indications of truth, because the order which beauty represents is a confirmation of the objective rightness of an idea. One of the foremost strengths of healthy Fives with a Four-wing lies precisely in their intuition, since intuition helps them uncover areas of knowledge where their conscious thoughts have not yet ventured. The Four-wing adds a desire to find a unique, personal vision to the curiosity and perceptiveness of the Five, and the result is a propensity to “tinker” with familiar forms until they become something almost unrecognizable. In talented Fives with a Four-wing this can lead to startling innovations in their chosen fields of endeavor.

In Average Fives with a Four-wing, the Four-wing adds emotional depth, but causes difficulties in sustaining efforts and in working with others. Fives with a Four-wing are more independent than Fives with a Six-wing and resist having structures and deadlines imposed on them. There can be an off-putting detachment from the environment, both because they are involved in their thoughts and because they are introverted and emotionally self-absorbed. Analytic powers may be used to keep people at arm’s length rather than to understand them more deeply. Emotionally delicate, people of this subtype can be moody and hypersensitive to criticism, particularly regarding the value of their work or ideas, since this impinges directly upon self-esteem. Both component types tend to withdraw from people and be reclusive. They can be highly creative and imaginative, envisioning alternate realities in great detail, but can get lost in their own cerebral landscapes. The Four-wing gives a propensity to fantasizing, but with the Five with the Four-wing, the subject matter tends toward the surreal and fantastic rather than the romantic. Individuals of this subtype can become highly impractical, spending most of their time reading, playing intellectual games, or specializing in trivia. There is often an attraction to dark, forbidden subject matter or to any way of self-expression which would disturb or upset others. Some Fives with a Four-wing become fascinated with the macabre and the horrific. As they become more impractical and fearful about their possibilities in life, one typical solution is to find emotional solace in various forms of self-indulgence–in alcohol, drugs, or sexual escapades.

Unhealthy persons of this subtype may fall prey to debilitating depressions yet be disturbed by aggressive impulses. Envy of others mixes with contempt for them; the desire to isolate the self from the world mixes with regret that it must be so. Intellectual conflicts make their emotional lives seem hopeless, while their emotional conflicts make intellectual work difficult to sustain. Moreover, if this subtype becomes neurotic, it is one of the most alienated of all of the personality types: profoundly hopeless, nihilistic, self-inhibiting, isolated from others, and full of self-hatred. Unhealthy Fives with a Four-wing retreat into a very bleak, minimal existence, attempting to cut off from all needs. The self-rejection and dispair of the Four combines with the cynical nihilism of the Five to create a worldview that is relentlessly negative and terrifying. Social isolation, addiction, and chronic depression are common. Suicide is a real possibility.

Myself, California Mist

INTP female, INTJ male

Do I look like a problem solver? What does an INTP female look like? yada yada. It’s me.

Overview of 5w6: The Problem Solver

This subtype is the one that has been most often associated with Fives – the intellectual who is interested in science, technology, acquiring facts and details. Fives with a Six-wing are the “analysts” and “catalogers” of their environments; they are problem solvers and excel at dissecting the components of a problem or thing to discover how it works. The traits of the Five and those of the Six-wing combine to produce one of the most “difficult” of the personality types to contact intimately or to sustain a relationship with. Both components, the Five and the Six, are in the Thinking Triad, and Fives with a Six-wing are perhaps the most intellectual of all the subtypes. They also tend to be more disengaged from their feelings than Fives with a Four-wing. Persons of this subtype have problems trusting others, both because they are essentially Fives and because the Six-wing reinforces anxiety, making any kind of risk-taking in relationships difficult. However the comping mechanisms of the Five and Six are somewhat at odds, creating an inner tension between the two components. Fives find security by withdrawing from others while Sixes find security by working cooperatively with others. Hence, their interpersonal relations are erratic and in general are not an important part of their lives. Noteworthy examples of this subtype include Bill gates, Stephen Hawking, Sigmund Freud, Simone Weil, Jacob Bronowski, Charles Darwin, Edward O. Wilson, Karl Marx, James Watson, Ursula K. LeGuin, Alfred Hitchcock, Doris Lessing, Cynthia Ozick, Bobby Fischer, B. F. Skinner, Isaac Asimov, Howard Hughes, Ezra Pound, and Theodore Kaczynski.

I'm a INTP 5w6 and the guy at the top of this page in the old ass pic is a INTJ 5w4. I'm the obnoxious one (in the non angry way).
I’m a INTP 5w6 and the guy at the top of this page in the old ass pic is a INTJ 5w4. I’m the obnoxious one (in the non angry way).

Healthy people of this subtype are more extroverted and focused on the external world than Fives with aFour-wing. They are not particularly introspective, preferring to observe and understand the world around them. Healthy Fives with a Six-wing observe the world with extraordinary clarity, combining the Five’s drive for mastery with the Six’s quest for certainty. The result is a gift for drawing meaningful conclusions from disparate facts, and an ability to make predictions based on those conclusions. They are often drawn to technical subjects, engineering, science, and philosophy, as well as inventing and repair work. The Six-wing gives this subtype a greater ability to cooperate with others and to bring a disciplined, persistent approach to their endeavors. There is more sufficient talent, Fives with a Six-wing can combine their innovation withbusiness savvy, sometimes with very lucrative results. Their attention is more often directed at objects than at people although they identify strongly with key people in their lives. They may feel things deeply, but are extremely restrained in their emotional expression. In them we find an intellectual playfulness, a good sense of humor, as well as other attractive, loveable qualities. If others have been tested and permitted to come closer, they discover that people of this subtype have a deep capacity for friendship and commitment. There is also an endearing element in their desire to be accepted by others, and even if they are sometimes socially clumsy, others cannot help but be touched by their eagerness to reach out to people.

However, average persons of this subtype generally have problems with relationships. The Six-wing provides good organizational abilities and and endearing personal quality, but also adds to the Fives’ anxiety and fearfulness. They don not see to know what to do with their feelings, much less how to express them directly. Hence we find an insensitivity to their own feelings and emotional needs, as well as to the feelings and emotional needs of others. They have little awareness about how they communicate themselves to others. (They are the classic intellectual nerd, the socially inept oddball.) Average Fives with a Six-wing can become extremely preoccupied, theoretical, and absent-minded. They are totally wrapped up with intellectual pursuits and live completely in their minds, immersing themselves in their work to the exclusion of everything else. When interpersonal conflicts arise, average Fives with a Six-wing avoid resolving problems by burying themselves even more deeply in their intellectual work, and by employing passive-aggressive techniques, putting off people and problems rather than dealing with them directly. They can be rebellious and argumentative for no apparent reason, although something may have touched off unconscious emotional associations. Fives with a Six-wing tend to cling more tenaciously to their views and theories (reductionism) and to antagonize people who disagree with them, whereas Fives with a Four-wing tend to reject all meaning (nihilism) and to disturb the certainty of people who seem insecure.

Unhealthy people of this subtype tend to be suspicious of people and to have counterphobic, contentious, and volatile reactions to others. They are extremely fearful of intimacy of any sort and can be highly unstable, with paranoid tendencies. Unconsciously seeking rescue, they also fearfully reject and antagonize their supporters. The isolation and mental distortion we see in unhealthy Fives are reinforced by the Six-wing’s paranoia, inferiority, feelings and conviction of being persecuted. Neurotic Fives with a Six-wing ultimately become extremely phobic, projecting dangers everywhere while retreating from all social interaction. They may lash out at imagined enemies, and sometimes with lethal results. Psychotic breaks and madness are possible.

Difficulty being a gifted individual

Its not easy being a gifted individual or a archetype that is considered stereo-typically male.  There are many advantages to being a female with a more stereo-typically masculine mind, but there are also a lot of downfalls. The gifted + gifted female with a Anima archetype is a double wammy. I would consider gifted Anima types to be INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP, ENFP etc.  It is hard enough to be gifted in today’s society.

It seems today that giftedness is repeatedly written off as a mental disorder. The diagnostic criteria for many mental issues, aspergers, adhd/add, nvld and bi polar disorder (to name a few) could easily overlap with signs of giftedness, be it Hoagie’s, Dabrowskis or any other number of psychologists and individuals who have recognized giftedness.

I would say the hardest part about giftedness is the alienation from your social group and society. The more advanced you become in your thinking and perspective, as well as your thinking the more you are pushed away from and ostracized by the group  which cherishes sameness and togetherness. Many topics which are vital to explore if we wish to improve our world are considered taboo.

Telling the truth on your perspective or thoughts could be morally important to the individual and at the same time a direct shot in the foot. This sort of thing is considered social retardation. That is, the ability to not tell when it is proper to lie. This is actually in the diagnostic criteria for NVLD or Non-Verbal Learning Disability.

Too quickly are we writing off the unique thinkers and individuals as mentally ill while they are still children, and I dread to think of all the innovation and progression of our species we are missing out on due to this fact.