Enneagram and Personality Type (INTP)


I’m an intp, and although I feel all this is only a framework, the description of the Myers-Briggs personality type INTP fits me very well. I’m a female and yes it is a little bit of a quirky personality for a girl!

My ennagram is a 5W6.


http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp find your personality type here!

What is your personality type? Do you feel it fits you well? I’m under the school of thought that the only way you can really figure out your personality type is To find out your underlying functions.

For or me that’s

Ti (introverted thinking)

Ne (extroverted intuition)

Si (introverted sensation)

Fe (extroverted feeling)

My best friends are all INTJ’s. I prefer the company of most NTs and some NFs and ISFJs :)

which types are are your favorite?



Rainbow Pink Bleach Blonde Barbie Hair & Black Friday

Black friday is here and of course many of you save half the year for the legendary Black Friday event of absolute madness and people at each others throats trying to snag the newest game topped with a Furby.

What have you bought this year on black friday. I already have a pretty decent receiver but I’m maxed on HDMI and wanted sound throughout the house. The price on this was only $30 less than the refurbished version of the same receiver but it’s still a great deal.

It plays FLAC, wireless music straight from your iPhone using Airplay and it’s got some crazy feature for simulated surround sound (I’m thinking I’m going to prefer the real thing).

I also stocked up majorly on Monster High and Ever After High Dolls, even a few Bratzillas (Bratz rip off of Monster High, which ripped off Bratz which ripped off Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs or Dollfies).

I’m tempted to go wild and get this Monster High Gothic Doll house but there is no way that I would find somewhere to put this thing. Especially not where the million pieces would get batted around and scattered by all of the cats to create the mess of the century.

Things are going great with my fiancé, YES I AM ENGAGED!!! And completely in love with My S/O the ever so sexy Defcon602 who just came out with an amazing new electro music mix. Electro at it’s finest, check it out.

To stay on the pink hair theme, this is my fiancé with Pink Fetish in his hair by Splat (It bled TERRIBLY and GOT EVERYWHERE do NOT recommend unless you feel like bathing in vaseline!) with Atomic Pink by Special FX on top when it was faded a bit!

Defcon602 Sexy Male Guys Pink Hair

What is California doing right now updating her blog at 6:20 in the morning? Having no schedule and living her life free and she feels she should. I heard Valeria Lukyanova say that she prefers to live life in a free way without a human schedule, the human barbie has a similar philosophy to life as I do living on a erratic night owl schedule. I’ve always had issue sleeping at night, I think it is genetic. What kind of schedule would you be on if you didn’t have a 9-5 job?

I would really like to work on my self control and attain a polyphasic schedule. Sleeping is a complete waste of time and I am convinced sleeping 8 hours a night makes a person sick a tired! I love the lucid dreams and rested feeling I get when I barely sleep.

How to dye your hair extensions bright colors rainbow pink blue and purple unicorn hair

How to dye your hair extensions bright colors rainbow pink blue and purple unicorn hair.

Hair Color Dye used (On Platinum #60 hair bleached blonde):

Special FX : Atomic Pink
Splat Ocean Ombre Kit: Turquoise Reef & Blue Crush
Punky Color: Turquoise

Here are my hair extensions setting and getting ready to rinse and then dry! I find it’s a great way to spend the hour bleaching your roots to prepare your tape in hair extensions and wait for both your hair and your extensions to dry! Don’t forget to condition your extensions but don’t condition the roots of your hair before putting in tape in extensions!!! Your hair extensions will slide out of your hair and probably pull on it really bad. Hair extensions that hurt and cause bodily pain are the worst.

Sexy Long blonde hair extensions. 24-28"?
Sexy Long blonde hair extensions. 24-28″?

I really adore this blonde beauty’s hair extensions they look absolutely flawless. What do you think? Hair extensions can be heavy and uncomfortable but I think they are worth it to achieve the overall look. Unless you are born a blonde (and if you are chances are your hair is thin!) having hair this long naturally is impossible due to bleach breakage.

Here is a tutorial on how to dye your brown or black really dark hair a super light platinum barbie blonde color!

Bleached Blonde Barbie Rainbow Hair
Bleached Blonde Barbie Rainbow Hair, Pre-Bleaching. Looks crazy, right?!?! Several different colors.
  • Special FX : Atomic Pink mixed with LOTS of heavy conditioner for damaged bleached hair (1/4 tsp Atomic Pink Dye to 1/4 cup conditioner.)
  • Special FX : Two of their purple colors, do not recall the names (diluted 1/4 tsp Purple dye to 1/4 cup conditioner)
  • Punky Color: Turquoise (Also diluted 1/4-1/2 tsp Punky Color Turquoise to 1/4 cup Heavy Conditioner for Bleached and Damaged Hair, use a cheap conditioner but very restoring one.)

I often dye my hair crazy colors right before dying my roots and then do a soap cap to bleach the crazy colors out of my hair so I can go blonde again when my roots are dyed.

How to do a soapcap when you are already bleaching your roots.

This can be done to remove brightly colored hair dye (pink, red, blue, purple etc from your blonde hair and return it to it’s platinum color) or to take brassy ugly orange and yellow undertones out of your hair or simply refresh your blonde look. 

  1. After your roots are 90% bleached (for refreshing blonde hair or removing pastel colors) (check often) or 60% bleached to remove intense colors like blue, red, or neon pink… go to a sink with a mirror.

  2. Cover your shoulders with a towel.

  3.  Wearing gloves, wet your hair with warm (not hot) water just a little bit at a time.Be careful not to get the bleach on your hair or skin (I just got a bleach burn on my tattoo and it really hurt!!!! Splat brand bleach works very well but unfortunately is incredibly runny and gets everywhere, both on you and everything you own… have towels ready!)

  4. Run your fingers through your hair and “pull” the bleach from your roots through your hair. You can also use this opportunity to touch up any areas that are still dark you may have missed. Don’t forget to have someone check the back of your head or look at your hair in a mirror!
  5. Once the roots are saturated through, put the remaining bleach from your bottle or bowl in your hand a little at a time and run through your hair. Running the bleach through your hair if it isn’t dispersing evenly you may need to wet your hair a little more.

  6. In the shower or over the sink; Use a cheap cleansing and stripping shampoo, or one that is very drying that is used to remove oils and debris from hair. Using a crappy cheap stripping shampoo ensures you remove the most color from your hair. Using a shampoo that moisturizes will just ruin your hairs open follicles by filling them with moisturizer instead of having the dye come out of the hair into the shampoo, you are having the conditioner getting stuck in your hair, locking in the color. You can buy this kind of Shampoo at the dollar store or on Amazon!It’s best to do this over the sink or leaving your body out of the shower. The bleach will drip onto your skin if you let the water run over your skin and it could be unhealthy or damaging.Massage the shampoo into your hair well (but not your scalp).
  7. Put a plastic bag or shower cap on your head (not the colored kind the bleach will strip the color off your shower cap and make a huge mess!!!) Saran wrap will work as well. Alternatively you can sit in a hot shower to keep the pores open in your hair for the best bleached blonde results removing all that crazy color you just had in there. Goodbye BLUE BANGS, hello BLONDE BEAUTY!
  8. Watch your hair carefully to see your color progress.If removing pastel / light colors or refreshing blonde hair and removing brassy undertones 90% root completion: If you hair is already very blonde or damaged I recommend you do not do this process for more than five minutes. Many people leave the soap cap in for 25-30 minutes, but after your roots have already been bleached you do not want them to be too light!)
    If removing bright intense colors or refreshing blonde hair and removing brassy undertones 60% root completion: If you hair is already very blonde or damaged I recommend you do not do this process for more than five minutes, but it is going to take more than five minutes for your bright intense colors to come out. It may need to be left in for an entire hour; if this is the case I recommend you do two 20-30 minute soap caps with 3 days to a week in between. In the meantime you will get to have a fun totally new color of bright and beautiful hair!
  9. Rinse WELL!!!!!
  10. Shampoo again with a conditioning shampoo once all shampoo and dye is out of your hair then Condition with a VERY intense extreme conditioner and a hair mask unless you are installing hair extensions. Don’t forget to use Argan Oil throughout your hair for the best bleached blonde hair health!

You can only run the bleach through your hair with a soap cap so often without completely drying out your hair. A stripping cleansing shampoo can also help big time with this.

HOT TIP: When I bleach my hair I like to use cheap painting brushes that you can get at Michael’s Craft store and with a 50% off any one item coupon that you can find on retail me not or in their monthly fliers these cost basically nothing. You can also find them at the dollar store and in the craft and school supply isles of your local drug store beauty department.

You can get more info on removing brightly colored hair color here, How to remove brightly colored pink, purple, blue dye (soap cap).

Gaming recently with my new barbie pink polish found on sale at Ross 80% off! Yes!
Gaming recently with my new barbie pink polish found on sale at Ross 80% off! Yes!

Want a California Mist gaming update? Check out SexyGamer.tv for a update of what I have been playing, what games I’ve been buying and what black friday video game deals I’m obsessed with!

On a closing note; a good friend of mine has passed away and I had a drink for him tonight with my friends. I will miss you a ton Bruce, you were always there for me and never ceased to make me feel special, I miss you. (‘_’) (/_;) (T_T) (;_;) (;_; (;_:) (;O;) (:_;) (ToT);; tt so sad ;; <3

And something really sad happened to me this week, it’s really private but I would like to ask for your prayers & positive thoughts and frequencies in my direction for health, happiness and success. If you leave your name in the comments I will send you the same!

The Sexy Gamer Cali, California Mist Cannabis Kitchen

Big life changes. No fear.


Photo from I-con the amazing new Collectables convention in Glendale, AZ, put on by the Arizona Collectors Marketplace in Phoenix, AZ.

My life has changed an incredible amount over the last few months. While I was preparing myself to be single for a long time and focus on personal and spiritual development, I ended up meeting someone who is absolutely perfect for me. This is the kind of thing that makes life worth living, when right out of no where true love finds you and shows you that more is possible than you could have ever fathomed on your own.

My dreams were grand, and somehow my new love has exceeded them in nearly every way. I am so grateful to be lucky enough to not only find someone who is kind and generous, considerate and loving, as well as sentimental, affectionate and caring. He is intelligent and cultured, well researched and artistic. He’s tall and handsome on top of it, and has a presence about him that you can’t help but notice in a room.

Goth and Geek is a nonstop adventure. We fell in love over the weekend at the equivalent of the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention, Amazing Vegas. We vacationed afterwards to recharge at the Wynn Hotel’s Encore and the rooms could not be cooler.

I’m feeling really grateful right now and I’m going to make it a personal goal to be more open and share more of my real life online, something that has always been pretty difficult for me as a private person.

Lots of love <3

California Mist

Cali Mist Blog: Medical Marijuana, Female Nerdcore Rap, Phoenix Nerds

CannabisChocolateBarRecipeLook what I found, my favorite from California! Somehow it seems a bit weaker but edibles for medical patients do change from batch to batch. This is a delicious chocolate bar.

Bhang chocolate reminds me of Vosges! I got an even stronger bar (same mg?) down in Southern AZ by Tuscon; and wow I’m still munching on it a few weeks later. It was a few dollars more but wow worth it!

I go into it further on my Marijuana Recipe Blog, <—- Cannabis Kitchen.

I even recorded a song while I sat in the car in southern arizona, seriously the quality is crap $6 cell headset microphone and bad levels but I’m going to post it regardless; California Mist: Fettes Vett Parody. Maybe just skip the first 36 seconds until the mic figures itself out. Then I stop before the song is over, but HEY its better than posting nothing.


Cruisin’ Moms Vespa in my Dorkloran,
War’s over I’m a virigal masturorian
My story has stumped Sexual historians
Deep and depraved bufffin porn at Boobigans
Rhyme renegade sure to penetrate
First and second offense, I won’t hesitate.
Got a job to do when Dads the guy that delegates.
Got something against spooge socks, something he really hates.
I don’t give a fuck. I’m riding Solo
For all I care mom could be riding on Yoda’s dojo
Gotta make the money when craftins’s no good
NPCs runnin’ shop in your neighborhood.
Think you can cook? My mom wrote that book
Let’s make this quick coz, I’m really hooked
I’m a devious, degenerate defender of spurt samples,
Go down on all the backdoor beauties, on the birth prevention level

My package’s got jets. play it like a string quartet
Well I booty hunt for Jenna’s cunt to finance her ‘Breasts.
Well I spurt in deep space, a mask is over my face.
Well I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes
Coz my slime I don’t like to waste. Get down!

I’m a virgin wrapped inside a manwhore,
Get inside the Shaved One, and find your horning signal,
From Bimbo to Goth, from Ripped up to Slopped,
They say I’ll give you what you want, but there’s gonna be a cost.
Say my name is never wet. so you know that shit is tight.
Start acting uptight, but I”m deadset on tonight.
Got euphoric appetite, became boners in my fist.
I still just get my wrist? Sloshed nudes are made to spit,
Undergarments made to split, You think I give a shit?
Your mamas just a slit! I’ll see you in the S & M pit.
You just gripped my gitch, potentially get hitched.
You scratchin’ on my itch. You know I shoot to split (tit).
Only bambinas with exceema want to lick my loser lips,
Never let me get inside you little depraved bitch,
Give me a head start, coz I’m not the courting kind.
Consider the waterline, the leaky slime you hide inside.
Hope you have hard drive (drive), backup my archive (chive).
Don’t abuse my sex drive coz I never take a vibe,
I beat off to a instant lover, bubble ass blow up cunter,
Let no man under the covers or else they be put under,
I spray six feet. Moms washing my sheets
Backing me up. Gonna blow up at her attempt to defeat.
I’ve got My moms car, got four payments on my cards,
Hand it over to Warhammer In the strip mall by the bar
I used to just jack, and now I bareback
Just goes to show how you can get back on the right track.
For me that’s my only option, can’t say that with more clarity.
Me going solo would only be if no one married me

Anxiety’ attack, Upset. A Virgin, Cold sweat.
Well I bounty hunt for crabby cunt to sword dance my pet
Well I drill in deep face, a vacuums her place
Well I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes
I deposit minerals with haste. Touchdown!

admission price like bong shlong , listening to mastodon,
Or a motor-dike in Pron, do the deed and then I’m gone.
Grab ya’ll have a hissyfit, contextually confused again
Over a Colt, the panties soiled, no alcoholic will admit
Back in the day when I was depraved, had no brainwaves
Living life as a debt slave, digging out an early grave
…. eh I’ll finish this internal mic car song later

If you want a full song you can check out this song also recorded rough and under terrible conditions ;)

I finally got a mic and a mixer setup so I can actually *record* stuff in semi okay quality so I’ll get something real up eventually. Something is better than nothing eh? Are there any other female rappers or nerd rappers in Phoenix? Well besides Mega Ran. I already know how rad he is.

Speaking of Geeky…


While driving around the greater Phoenix, AZ area I found this smashing license plate. 10DRWHO! Ha, and as if that wasn’t nerdy enough check out that windshield decal. Nerd Dollz, with a link to their etsy shop. Ridiculously cool, I just had to snap a photo of this and check out the site. They make amazing stuff! So much so that I decided to do a short blog entry on Goth and Geek to show off their awesome Geeky Arizona wares!

Cali Mist
Cali Mist

Obligatory picture of me on my own blog. Cali Mist represent wearing a wig; oh yeah I’m all about beauty and shit.

AND not brushing my hair…..


Oh; and I’ll leave off with this sky looking total normal. What are those Geo Engineering Chemtrail obsessed freaks going on about? Its always looked like this.

Best tea ever? White Lion Tea!

Everyone seems to have an obsession with Teavana and it’s okay don’t get me wrong but I’ve had better. I’m sorry to all you Teavana obsessed tea freaks out there but when it comes to the best tea ever there is one new brand I’ve found that I am totally obsessed with. It all started at the spa in the four seasons, I believe I have had White Lion Tea before this but as it was loose leaf and in a tea house I didn’t pay attention past thinking I was enjoying some really nice tea!


I sat in the spa relaxing for a near two hours just drinking tea after tea in the four seasons lounge, then later at the Westin’s Encore spa lounge that week.

Blueberry Acai Tea, is completely delicious and best of all many of their flavors are organic. “Power packed with antioxidants, this blend of rooibos “red tea,” blueberries, and acai is an all natural slenderizer. Extremely high in antioxidants and naturally caffeine free….”

Cranberry Hibiscus Tea, This luscious blend contains whole cranberries, elderberries, black currants and Rooibos “Red” Tea. This blend is extremely high in anti-oxidants. Fabulous iced.

I put in an order with them for around $65 of all different flavors. I had an issue with the orders delivery and packaging and the people at white lion tea fixed EVERYTHING for me no problem! There was no stress at all and shortly after I had my favorite tea on my doorstep. That is what really urged me further to let people know about my favorite tea. Having a great product of one thing but having amazing customer service on top of that? Fantastic.

I could go on and on and on about all my favorite flavors but you really have to check them out. Everyone in my house is now in love with White Lion Tea and I am thinking about throwing some Gothic Lolita Tea parties with White Lion Tea as our center piece. If anyone here in phoenix would be interested in a Gothic Lolita Tea party or a maid cafe hosted by Goth and Geek please leave a comment!

Working Endlessly, Staring at ‘dem pixels!

Alright, so I have barely done any graphic design in years but I jumped back in head first and stared at the screen for 36 hours straight, without barely even moving. My back is seriously KILLING me today, and the most hilarious thing is that I didn’t even want to stop. Brandon had to literally peel me from the computer, and after he did I was crawling up the walls wanting to get back at it. Even Game of Thrones wouldn’t satisfy me, so while watching it I climbed right back on to my computer and started editing another one of my websites.

I started to give Cannabis Kitchen’s Marijuana Recipe Blog a new look.

For CannabisKitchen.org

Marijuana Butter Recipes

These are sites that inspired my new holiday marijuana recipe cookbook, which you can buy on amazon. Full of beautiful pot pictures (pot butter!) and step by step instructions!

Then this one too! Responsive is my favorite website layout by WordPress by far. It’s a great layout and I am loving using it, so I was more than tempted to add a Photoshopped header to give it a little bit of a change.

For California Mist (Me!’s) Personal Website (This one!) California Mist Graphic Design

Here is how the photoshopped image banner looks on the top of the responsive theme. Not bad eh?

TOPLESS and Crazy Bathsalts Lady destroys a Mcdonald’s

Naked Florida Topless Blonde in a Thong destroys a McDonalds while employees laugh!

Okay, bathsalts, maybe I made that part up, but this is the most entertaining thing I have seen in a long time. A blonde with a decent ass wearing nothing but a thong goes into McDonalds and starts hanging over the counter like an eager child wanting his McDeathMeal. Soon it starts to get better, she rampages the place and starts to knock everything off the counter. Goodbye cash registers!

Then the naked florida chick patiently trashes everything and makes sure to destroy everything in her path until it’s good and done.

After that the naked florida chick decides to eat some ice cream right out of the machine and then make herself a cone while her tits flap around all over the place.

I think the ice cream settled her down because while eating her cone she decided to stop her rampage.

XSLT by CarLake